bogdan.daradan decembrie 10, 2011

Am primit invitatia asta pe mail si n-am putut sa o pastrez pentru mine. Cititi cu atentie si urmariti cu atentie pasii!


Frame, 25th

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good child this year. I have attended every single cool party- may Facebook be my witness- I have never left a drink unfinished and I have never got home before dawn.

So please Santa, for the 25th of December I would like for you to bring me one last great party before this year ends .

You know what I would like… a nice and private club such as Frame; hot wine & cinnamon, ginger bread and all of my friends there. Can you please send your helpers Hugo, Pantany & Mircea Ivan? I heard they have lovely tech house & progressive to share with all good boys and girls.

I will be there from 10 pm expecting my presents!

Start : 22:00
Address: Frame Club (Magheru, 38B)
Line Up: Mircea Ivan

Info& Res: 021 211 01 44

? wine free or entrance : Secret Santa’s out find and Come