Tineretul Liber iulie 19, 2006

PhD position open at VTT within a Marie Curie EST training programme “Enzymatic tailoring of protein interactions and functionalities in food matrix� (PRO-ENZ, MEST-CT-2005-020924). We are now looking for a Ph.D. student for a 3-year period in the area of enzymatic crosslinking and functionalization of proteins. The work will be focused on the mechanistic aspects and elucidation of enzymatic reaction mechanisms as well as analysis of the formed crosslinks. Therefore we are searching for a person with good knowledge in food or protein chemistry and analytical techniques.

Focus on enzymatic tailoring of food proteins
The objective of the PRO-ENZ project is to train young scientists in the use of modern biotechnology and protein chemistry, especially proteomics in food research and hence to give them competence for high quality product development in the food industry sector with special emphasis on enzyme-aided structure engineering of dairy projects. The project provides interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research training by combining training from molecular genetics and enzymology to training in food technology and food chemistry. For the position we are looking for enthusiastic young scientist who will concentrate on the development of proteomics and other advanced analytical tools aiming to increase the basic knowledge of the reaction mechanisms of the oxidative enzymes as well as enzyme catalyzed reactions in food matrix…detalii click [sursa]