Tineretul Liber aprilie 21, 2015

At the end of the day, YLC Entrepreneurship is a bridge between you (your brains, your talent, your ideas) and the means to go further.

IF you are:

a developer (you know, a lot of tees from Google, Twitter, Dropbox and so forth)
an entrepreneur (you have an idea or even a business gaining traction)
a sales person (you have that particular talent enabling you to sell ice to eskimos and want to do this in a startup)
a finance person (you know how to calm down people when they stumble upon EBITDAs, WACCs & co and want to do this in a startup)
Or if you are very, very interested in technology and entrepreneurship and you know you can add value…

THEN you should know YLC Entrepreneurship is dedicated to you!

In the application process, you will have the chance to pitch your idea. If you don’t feel like you have an idea at the moment, pitch yourself.

There are many opportunities that can spring out of a program connecting you with Silicon Valley and European startups, investors and more.

Keep in mind a few things!

Firstly, YLC holds a rolling admissions process. That is to say the sooner you apply, the higher the chances of you entering the program. The class is comprised of 40 participants only, so be advised: there’s no time to waste! We can accept a maximum of three team members from the same startup.

Secondly, during the application process, if possible, you will be contacted for an interview either by the organizers or by alumni. The interview has no decisive bearing on whether or not you are accepted, but it might be just enough to give you the edge necessary to be part of the ’15 Class.

Registrations at: