Tineretul Liber iulie 24, 2006

Reuters is widely known as a press agency providing image and text
to television networks, newspapers and other media organizations.
However more than 90% of Reuters' business is related to the world
financial markets, where we are number 1 provider of information and
transaction capabilities and as well one of the top providers of
risk management solutions.

Reuters Romania was founded in 1993 and our customer base includes
banks, television networks and newspapers and as well as other
financial institutions/corporates active on all Romanian financial

At this moment we advertise the following job opportunities:
– one position in sales department
– one position in customer support department.

The responsibilities of these two positions are very much alike:
understanding Reuters' product base and making sure our customer
experience with our products is easy and rewardful.

Our mandatory requirements are:
– Student in year III or IV in Faculty of Finance.
– English language proficiency: Fluent in speaking and
– Fast learner.
– Excellent communications skills.
– Proof of financial background knowledge.

Send your CV in English to romania@aiesec.ro latest by 21st of July